Allow us to share code between files, you can think about modules as the equivalent of const for our variables but for our javaScript files.

We isolated our js functionally into separate files and modules help us with keeping each bit of our app clearly define from each other.

Then we use the import/export keyword, which helps us to import functionality from other modules, and export labels variables and functions that can be accessed from outside of the current module.

So now in your HTML file, at the end of the body tag, call the script with the source index.js…

After finishing Flatiron Bootcamp, I was trying to figure out the next steps, what I’ve decided was to retake a vanilla JS mini Bootcamp, because if you decided to pursued the frontend path, JS is fundamental to understand how frameworks work on top of it, React, Angular, Vue, etc.

But then while I was taking these classes, preparing my resume, and doing the career prep, I had an unexpected interview in a meet up fair Job, it was a five minutes interview where I gave my elevator pitch, and after 10 days they reach back to me to have another…

Performance is very important when building a webpage, now that I have learned about fetch request from your own backend or any API, most of the time, there will be a wait time.

User attention span is short, about 2 seconds until drop off. But even with the best performance, if your webpage is not appealing, people will leave immediately or never come back.

Building a webpage means that you are offering some information to a user, not all the pages have the same purpose, but all of them have a user, no matter what your app is about, you…

In this Blog I will start pointing out some differences between SQL and SQLite, then I will explain what is my understanding about handling DataBases, which companies have started the handling of databases, what have changed in the past decades, and finally an approach on how to change from SQLite to PostgreSQL so a project can be deployed in a web page.

What has changed in the past few weeks, we had an assignment to build our first project with Ruby on Rails. SQLite is ideal for small projects because it can be run in memory and backed by small…


Ruby is a friendly and widely used programming language. It started with a programmer named Yukihiro Matsumoto, based in another program called Pearl. According to the book The Wide World of Coding, the origin of the language is this:

“As a high school student in Japan, Yukihiro (Matz) Matsumoto taught himself to code. In college, he worked in a programming language lab while majoring in information science.

“Despite his years of experience, Matz felt frustrated by programming. …

Mauro Dorigo-Cortes

Flatiron Student

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